The Joys Of Owning A Boat!!

Equipment Failures

New Stator $660

Water Impellor $40
(Installed Myself)

Frozen Steering (Fixed Myself)

Diary - Not Complete, Just Highlights

We have tested all the systems. I am also trying to work out how the goddamn GPS and fish finder work. Thank god I have someone on board with a PhD, yep Katia has a doctorate, she happens to be Doctor Katia!

We have not been having fun with retrieving the boat onto the trailer. During the test run the day before the launch I was careful as to how it went on the trailer and it was successful, but on the day of the launch it was a bit scary.

The stern just didn't want to go on to the trailer straight and the skeg kept missing the roller. We tried a number of times and eventually got it on.

The flat bottom of the OD18 is causing the problem as there is nothing to guide the boat on to the trailer. Maybe if we try in a protected spot?

The next time we went out was down at Skirmish Point and while the current was non existent, the breeze negligible, and no trailer traffic at the ramp - it was horrendous! Time after time we attempted to get the damn thing back on the trailer and we finally succeeded, and the language was bad enough to burn the grass off an entire football field.

I had to do something as each time we tried to retrieve  the boat - my relationship was in danger.

We did some research and came up with little side benches for the back of the trailer. I got my trusty circular saw out and made up these things and Katia did some excellent work with some carpet and covered them.

Trailer "Benches"
They work a treat! We have had a 100% success rate retrieving the boat since they where installed with no problems.

Crab Pots
Crab Pots ready to go.

What a fabulous day for fishing. The launch was at Manly Boat Harbour in Brisbane.

In The Yard Ready To Go In The Yard Ready To Go Manly Boat Harbour Rigging Rigging

Both photos of my bum! Didn't catch much though (damn)

The photos below were taken on the 1st May 2005 at the entrance to the Logan River in Brisbane. I launched from the new ramp at Eagleby, under the M1 motorway. Though it was a picturesque drive down the river it was a 16Km round trip just to get to the fishing.

Logan River Logan River Logan River Logan River Logan River

The boat still performs magnificently but my Garmin FF160 died display!! I'll have to get repaired.

And the fishing was great - lots of bites and a few landed!

If I only had one thing to say performance wise on the OD18 is the trim of the boat. I installed one of those hydrofoils and it has improved the trim and performance of the boat 100%. It doesn't look silly either, which was a major concern :)

Hydrofoil Fitted

Good old Garmin - they didn't bother to try and fix the FF160 fish finder, they just replaced it with a new one. I luv em :)
The entire family out on the Gold Coast Broadwater. It was a nice day and you can get a feel for the spaciousness of the boat.

Broadwater TripBroadwater TripBroadwater TripBroadwater TripBroadwater Trip Broadwater TripBroadwater TripBroadwater Trip

This was an absolute perfect day on Moreton Bay. To think that all this is available only 45 minutes drive from my place.
I visited Moreton Island and practiced my lure fishing with the electric trolling motor.

Moreton TripMoreton TripMoreton TripMoreton TripMoreton Trip Moreton TripMoreton TripMoreton TripMoreton Trip

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