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Extensive range of quality Australian made fishing tackle, lures, rods and reels, books, videos, fishing DVD's, custom boat decals, fishing stickers and more. We also have a host of free stuff on the site for you, including Hints and Tips, free screensavers and comic strips, fishing chat boards, seafood recipes, virtual greeting cards and lots more. If you are fishing in Australia or any part of the world you can do it with confidence using quality Australian fishing tackle.

Fishing Monthly

Traditionally a magazine, this is the web version of the publication. With fishing reports, boat tests, rod building information and a whole lot more it is a font of knowledge and packed with up to date information.

Tidal predictions

Tide Predictions for Australia, Antarctica and the Pacific. Tide predictions are available one week at a time.

Bureau of Meteorolgy

Developments in science and technology have continued to provide the Bureau with opportunities to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Direct reception of satellite data since 1963; routine reception and processing of imagery from the Japanese Geostationary Meteorological Satellites since 1978; introduction of the computer-based Automated Regional Operations System to all forecasting offices since the early 1980s and upgrade to the Australian Integrated Forecast System from 1993; introduction of computerised telecommunications systems in 1978 and the implementation of a national packet switched network in the early 1990s; installation of a Bureau-developed national digital facsimile system by 1992; the 1988 inception and subsequent upgrades to the Bureau's in-house supercomputer capacity to support global operational numerical weather prediction and climate studies; and the expansion and upgrading of radar and surface automatic weather station networks have all contributed to the Bureau's standing as the preeminent National Meteorological Service in the southern hemisphere and one of the more technologically advanced in the world.

Safe Boating

This site is maintained by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority for the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG)
The content is supplied by the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG)

ANZSBEG is the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group


AMSA'S VISION - To be a superior provider of maritime safety, marine environment protection, and maritime and aviation search and rescue.

AMSA'S MISSION - AMSA is committed to continuous improvement in provision of its safety and environment protection services and maintaining constructive relations with our stakeholders in government, industry and the community.

Second hand marine equipment, and a whole lot of other stuff - great for a browse.

Prospectors Earth Sciences Pty Ltd has been servicing the professional outdoor market for more than 30 years. We are a private Australian company based in Sydney and servicing all parts of Australia, New Zealand, Asia & the Pacific. We have customers as far a field as West Africa, Ireland, and Antarctica. Our clients are involved in a diverse range of industries including: Geology, Mineral Exploration, Forestry, Conservation, Agriculture, Archaeology, Biological Science, Park Management, Construction, Mining, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and many others. Our customers come from both Government and the private sector. We aim to provide all the hard-to-find field equipment needed by students, researchers, and professional field workers. We carry many of the most famous brand tools & equipment and import & distribute many lines in our own right.


Maritime Safety Queensland circulates marine safety information (Notices to Mariners) which advise of:

  1. Navigation warnings and hazards (such as aids to navigation which may have been destroyed, missing or unlit.

  2. Changes to navigation systems (such as new or altered navigation aids for chart corrections)

  3. Navigation depths for channels with depth restrictions.

  4. Other works which may affect the safe navigation of vessels in Queensland coastal waters and ports (such as dredging operations and construction works)

Before you go boating, you should check the Notices to Mariners website for any information you may need to update your boating safety charts.


For almost 20 years the AFN has been the publisher of the premier fishing magazines in Australia. In our continuing efforts to bring the best fishing magazines, books, maps, dvds and other exciting products to the anglers of Australia and around the world, the Australian Fishing Network has added to its range some exciting new products. Check out our new release books and range of Coast tools. With more magazines a year there is always something new to offer every angler. Take some time to browse the site and plan your next fishing trip


The Mother of All Maritime Links

 Check this site out - it is huge.



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