The Fast Launch 26...

LOA: 26' 7.95 m
Max. Beam: 8' 2,45 m
Hull draft at DWL: 22" 0.56 m
Displacement DWL: 3,000 lbs 1360 kg
PPI at DWL: 320 lbs/in 57 kg/cm
Trailer weight: 1,800 lbs. 815 kg
Fuel: 75 gallons 300 liters
HP 30 to 80 HP 22 to 60 Kw
Material: Plywood cored epoxy composite or foam sandwich

Bateau Describes The Vessel This Way

The FL26 is a narrow easily driven hull that will perform economically at displacement speeds: less than 3 l/hr at 6 knots (3/4 US gallon per hour). 14 mph is the top speed with a 30 HP (22 KW) engine but she will reach 18 mph lightly loaded with a 50 HP (37 KW). The designer does not recommend to install engines larger than 80 HP (60 KW). With the standard 75 gallon tanks, this gives her an autonomy of around 800 NM. Thanks to it's lightweight, the FL26 can be made unsinkable with buoyancy. foam under the cockpit sole and along the sides.

The FL26 is a day boat or picnic launch. She is best fitted for week-end cruising. The accommodations are comfortable for two during short cruises: a wide vee berth with a small galley counter and a separate head is as much as we could fit in the short and shallow cabin. There is sitting headroom on the berth and in the head but not much floor space to move around.

The cabin could be extended and the steering station could be covered by a light pilot house if the builder wants more protection from the elements but it is not possible to turn the FL26 in a full fledged cruising boat. That was not her program and she must be kept light for good performance.

The self bailing cockpit is almost 13' long (3,25 meters). The insulated engine box is unobtrusive but gives good access all around for easy maintenance. Air intakes are in the topsides and the cockpit will make her quiet underway. The builder has complete freedom in the layout of the cockpit but the plans show a U shaped seat around a table in the stern. A swim platform is easy to add. The building notes show the swim platform main dimensions, a drawing and instructions. An anchor locker is located forward of the collision bulkhead. There is easy access to the engine all around, to the filters, batteries and stuffing box. The engine is fitted with a 7 degrees down angle transmission. This is commonly available and allows us to have an almost horizontal engine for better lubrication and longer engine life. .













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